NAIST Data Science Center Kickoff Symposium

“Data Science Center Kick-off Symposium” was held at the Millennium Hall of Nara Institute of Science and Technology on Tuesday, November 14, 2017.

NAIST, has established a new Data Science Center to explore novel data-driven research fields in line with the drastic change of scientific paradigm. The center relocates faculty members in the university and invited Professor Kimito Funtsu as a director of research to develop a system by cross-appointment with the University of Tokyo.

In the symposium, outstanding researchers in the chemo-informatics area were  given lectures about the research frontier, and also our center faculty were  introduced the center activity in the diverse research fields.


Director:  Prof. Satoshi Nakamura
Director of Reserach:  Prof. Kimito Funatsu

175 people from inside and outside the campus participated, active discussions were given to the research. Nara Institute of Science and Technology has reorganized its organization in 2018 and shifts to one graduate school system, but data science education will be a common basis for educational programs in the new system. We are convinced that the data science center will play a central role in data science education as well as developing new research areas.


program (PDF)